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1 Man’s Handmade Jewelry

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1 Man’s Handmade Jewelry Origin & FYI


One day, I was bored so I started doing one of my favorite hobbies, jewelry making. I was trying to think of something new, something that was all natural, and more than anything else, something that required myself to take all these natural products and put them together and hold themselves together by and through the use of other natural products.

First, before I had even came up with the name ‘1 Man’s Handmade Jewelry’ and even had the idea of selling something I had done as a hobby, hadn’t even entered my mind. It all started a while ago, in 2010, that is the whole idea of how much I liked using hemp and agate in jewelry making, particularly in making hemp necklaces—once completed, it was a beautiful shiny piece of Agate in the center of braided hemp. I did (and still do...with many different stones & different types of cords & chains etc.) all the work by hand: agate (many different stones) drilled and placed on hemp to make necklaces.

Odd enough, I was watching a favorite British comedy, Ab Fab, and I saw ‘Eddy’/Jennifer Saunders wearing an Agate necklace. That’s when I started to think more in the mind set of business—as Ab Fab is a comedy about Edina’s PR business... First, I started by putting a page on Facebook at: Then, one thought led to the next thought, and the next thing I was doing was ordering business cards, with 1 Man’s Handmade Jewelry with all my contact information on them. After a while (and many compliments) I had learned about Etsy (a site for people, such as myself, to post their arts & crafts to make money); in which I put most all of my products up for sale there at: in 2014. However, I had never received an order, until this year, 2018–which took me to give my site more attention. 

Thus, the inspiration from the "across the pond" comedy ‘Ab Fab’ led to what I once upon a time turned to as a hobby—became: sales, goals, great presents/gifts; and, even sometimes when someone has a frown I've used my jewelry to turn their frowns to smiles, stretched from ear-to-ear. 


It has been challenging at times to keep my product line almost 100% all natural and authentic.  Well, I was able to accomplish this for the most part; however, there are some products that I use non-natural products, e.g., glue—if I didn’t use the glue, it would be likely that the piece wouldn’t be credible and not meant for retail. Thus, I try my hardest to keep everything as natural and authentic as possible; however, when it’s apparently obvious that I need to use, for example, an adhesive in making a pair of earrings,  then I will turn to the use of non-natural products. In making a shoulder/messenger style bag, for example, everything used in making this product is 100% all natural materials. In stead of using “snaps” to keep the messenger bag closed—I make an incision in the top flap, and on the other part of the bag I attached a rock-stone, gemstone, mineral, shark’s tooth, etc. to be used for the bag’s closure.  I eventually decided to bring the past back; except this time, I would do all the work by hand and of course, this idea was mine, a new idea--agate drilled and placed on hemp to make necklaces.

In recent days I’ve expanded to more than just necklaces made out of agate and hemp. Now I work with almost every rock, stone, mineral and gemstones available! In addition I use many different mediums in creating jewelry and accessories. I also am always trying to make sure that I keep everything I make unisex, thus anything I make is compatible for both men and women as well as children. 


To place an order, first, click the "Get Quote" button. Next, in the message please attach a screenshot of the item you would like to purchase, and I will respond very quickly with a price (this way of pricing will be temporary until I get everything posted--there's a lot, so your patience will be greatly appreciated). There is 1 MAJOR benefit to ordering Now until I get everything posted is: I will be giving discounted prices on everything that's posted here now!


To place an custom order, first, click the "Get Quote" button. Next, include in your message what you would like. For example, you want to order a quartz crystal and green tourmaline (please see below for a complete list of all the Rocks/Stones/Minerals/Gemstones that are available) hemp necklace. You want the quartz crystal and the green tourmaline to be wrapped in 925 sterling silver and you want the hemp necklace made with multiple colors of hemps. 

List the colors of hemp (please see below for a complete list of colors of hemp available) you want, for say you want lime green, forest green, and natural/beige colored hemps. If you want just one (1) solid color, please make sure you include the color you want for whatsoever the item you're having customized to be. 

Necklace lengths average at around 20" inches--please measure your neck size and consider additional length, unless you want a "choker" necklace. In addition, everything made by me in regards to wire-wrapped pieces, is and always will be made with 925 sterling silver wire; unless it is otherwise specified in whatsoever listing's details. 

Here's an example of what you would send in a message to me for a customized order:

"I want a 20" hemp necklace with 3 different colors of hemp. The three colors are: natural-beige, forest green,  and teal. I want a 3 piece in 1 pendant in the center of the necklace. I want 1 piece of emerald, 1 piece of diamond cut multicolored fluorite, and 1 piece of moldavite. I want a loop and line closure for the necklace."

The above message and details, is all I need for information to create your customized order. Obviously, if you have questions or concerns, I am always available to respond. Please do not hesitate in contacting me to get details and information. I am here to help you get or make a piece of jewelry you will wear and enjoy for whatsoever the occasion may be.


Forest Green
Lime Green
Dark Purple
Baby Blue 
Dark Blue 
Sea foam Green 


  1. Lapis Lazuli 
  2. Kyanite 
  3. Cavansite  
  4. Emerald
  5. Black Tourmaline 
  6. Watermelon Tourmaline 
  7. Pink Tourmaline 
  8. Green Tourmaline 
  9. Blue Tourmaline 
  10. Yellow Tourmaline 
  11. Purple Tourmaline 
  12. Rainbow Fluorite 
  13. Green Fluorite 
  14. Blue Fluorite
  15. White Opal
  16. Yellow Opal
  17. Mexican Fire Opal
  18. Champagne Topaz
  19. London Blue Topaz
  20. Imperial Topaz
  21. Aquamarine
  22. Blue Chalendony 
  23. Azurite
  24. Smokey Quartz 
  25. Hot Springs, Arkansas Crystal Quartz
  26. Diopside 
  27. Staurolite 
  28. Fire Agate
  29. Blue Lace Agate
  30. Dendritic Agate 
  31. Botswana Agate 
  32. Green Moss Agate
  33. Aragonite
  34. Desert Rose Selenite 
  35. Malachite 
  36. Fresh Water Pearls 
  37. Sea Urchins
  38. White Coral 
  39. Red Coral 
  40. Stilbite  
  41. Albite 
  42. Fossilised Shells
  43. Shark Teeth
  44. Druzy Petrified Wood
  45. Sapphire crystals 
  46. Amethyst 
  47. Ritualised Quartz
  48. Bismuth Crystals 
  49. Double terminated Quartz Crystals 
  50. Apache Tears 
  51. Obsidian 
  52. Mahogany Obsidian 
  53. Green Dioptase Crystals 
  54. Wulfenite
  55. Zincite 
  56. Moldavite
  57. Tabby Quartz Crystals 
  58. Selenite 
  59. Assorted Geodes 
  60. Amazonite 
  61. Green Beryl
  62. Feldspar 
  63. Citrine crystals 
  64. Milky Quartz 
  65. Assorted Sliced Agates (Small, Medium, & Large—various types & colours)
  66. Galena
  67. Yellow Fluorite 
  68. Magnesium 
  69. Ruby
  70. Rubellite 
  71. Malachite & Azurite combined
  72. Herkimer Diamonds

MORE WILL BE LISTED SHORTLY!! Keep checking back!!

Enjoy the store!

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